Monday, May 11, 2009

Where's LaPorta?

Since the Indians season began to go down the drain club officials have done some very uncharacteristic things. Start with the fact that they have already begun to make wholesale roster changes, and minor league callups. These moves have come far sooner than in any year since Eric Wedge became manager. They moved their No.4 starter, Aaron Laffey, to the bullpen, not because he was failing as a starter, but because the bullpen was so bad. That, again, is pretty much unprecedented since Wedge became manager. Usually, when a pitcher is pitching well in the rotation, he stays in the rotation.

It's clear the Indians are grasping at straws trying to figure out how to get the team winning again. Getting swept in a three-game series at home by Detroit, a series in which the Indians only scored three runs, adds a further sense of urgency to everyone running the team.

In the midst of all that, however, there have been some curious decisions by Wedge, relating to who is and isn't in the starting lineup. Outfieldre Matt LaPorta, for example, didn't get one at bat in any of the three games against Detroit. That's the same Matt LaPorta about whom Wedge said, "We brought him here to play,'' when LaPorta was recalled from Columbus.

Going into Monday night's game LaPorta had sat out four of the Indians' last five games, which makes no sense at all. As one of the Indians' top prospects, LaPorta needs to be playing every day, not sitting on the bench for a last place team with the worst record in the major leagues. If LaPorta isn't going to be in the Indians' lineup every day - which he should be - then he needs to be sent back to Columbus, where he can continue to develop by getting consistent playing time every day.

The way the Indians are currently using, or not using LaPorta, isn't helping him or them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Dellucci is 1 for his last 20 at-bats but he still is in the starting line-up. Why is LaPorta and even Ryan Garko not playing. The Indians need to just admit signing Dellucci 3 years ago was a horrible move and it backfired on them. Release him and move on already. Give the Kid LaPorta a chance to play or else ship him back to Columbus. He is young and still developing and needs to play everyday. Is the Tribe going to treat another young prospect bad... ie Brandon Phillips

May 12, 2009 at 8:46 AM 
Blogger bigfpizza said...

Its amazing how Delucci keeps on going on and on and on,just like the energizer bunny,only he has no drum or sticks or whatever.And now we have Kobayashi in the bullpen who'll be here all year because if Dolan is paying him,he'll be here to earn his money even though he has diminished or nonexistent skills.When you have the worst amateur draft in the Majors and a bunch of used car salesmen running the team you get what you deserve.You have to wonder if the tribe had kept Charlie Manuel and hired some grizzled,tobacco chewing veterans instead of a bunch of Ivy League con-artists what kind of team and how many playoff appearances we would have.

May 13, 2009 at 12:39 PM 

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