Friday, August 20, 2010

Nix to Nix at third

Kids: Don't try this at home. These men are highly trained professionals.

In case you missed it, the Indians Thursday night made five erorrs and still won the game. Easily. They beat Kansas City 7-3. I'm not sure which is harder: to win a game while making five errors, or to lose a game when your opponent makes five errors. Let me get back to you on that.

Five errors. That's only four short of averaging one per inning. Jayson Nix, who started at third base, had two errors. Andy Marte, who finished at third base, had one. In case you missed it, the Indians are having trouble at third base. Big trouble.

Since the Indians traded Jhonny Peralta, third base has been a black hole. The Indians have tried Jayson Nix, Andy Marte, and Luis Valbuena at third base. Maybe the Indians should put an ad in the paper.

Of the three, Nix has done the most spectacular job, though his performance, of announcing to Tribe officials: "Attention Tribe officials: I am not your third baseman of the future!''

Nix has done that by doing this: He has started nine games at third base and made five errors. For the sake of argument - not that anyone is going to dispute the point I'm trying to make here - at his current pace, if Nix played 150 games at third base he would make 83 errors. I'm no infield coach, but I don't think that's very good.

Not that Marte or Valbuena have been doing any Brooks Robinson impressions, either. Marte has 9 errors in 23 games at third base, and Valbuena has only made one error at third, but it's early: he's only started five games there.

In defense of the Indians' defense, there is no defense. This is a bad, bad defensive team, and the badness starts at third base. The Indians might want to address that issue in the off-season.


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