Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beating the heat

Eric Wedge has apparently dodged a bullet. For now. The embattled Indians manager may have beeen cut some slack in terms of his immediate job security. Now that the Indians have traded Mark DeRosa and essentially conceded they are incapable of competing for the division title many felt they were the favorites to win, it turns down the heat on Wedge, whose job is likely now safe for the remainder of the season.

Once the season is over, that could all change. Certainly it's to be expected the front office, including ownership, will take a look at the entire organization after this season, because there are clearly some changes that need to be made. This is the second consecutive year the Indians have been one of the favorites to win their division but by mid-season they were so far behind in the division race they began trading some of their veteran players.

Whether it's poor evaluation of players, poor exectution by those players, poor leadership by the manager or coaching staff, or poor player acquistion at the major league level and/or poor player development at the minor league level - all of that will presumably be put under the microscope by ownership following the season.

It's become obvious that there some changes need to be made in the way the Indians are operating. The only question now is what changes will be made, how many will be made, who will be effected, and how soon after the end of the season those decisions will be made.


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