Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here we go again

The Indians have started to win some games. Unfortunately for them it has come after they played their way out of the division race. This is another distressing trend with the team. The Indians seem to perform the best when the pressure is at its least.

In each of the last two years the Indians have been considered one of the favorites to win their division. They have gotten off to horrendous starts. Those starts have been so bad that it has forced the front offic to make white flag trades. Then, and only then, after the team has conceded it won't be a contender, the performance of the team and its players has improved.

I don't know how the Indians can change this trend, but something needs to be done. Maybe they have to look at how they are preparing the team in spring training. Clearly the team hasn't been ready to start the season the last two years. The fact that the team only starts to play better when all expectations for the season have disappeared is a harder riddle to solve.

It would seem that changing some of the core players might be the best way to approaach that problem. Maybe the chemistry on the team has to change. Maybe there needs to be more and better leadership among the players. How do you teach players to play their best when expectations are high, instead of waiting until the expectations disappear before playing up to their expected level?

Those are some of a issues facing the Indians in a season that seems to have raised more questions than it has answered.


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