Monday, June 27, 2011

Giant Bummer

Let's not overreact to the Indians getting swept in a three-game series in San Francisco. The Giants have the best pitching staff in the majors, and the Indians right now have arguably the worst offense in the majors, with the possbile exception of the Giants themselves. So this series did not look like a good matchup for the Indians on paper. On the field it was even uglier than it looked on paper.

The silver lining for the Indians was that their pitching, especially their starting pitching, was outstanding in the series. Even Fausto Carmona. In the first two games the Indians' starting pitchers, Carlos Carrasco and Justin Masterson, combined to give up one earned run - and the Indians lost both games. That's hard to do. Carmona on Sunday was better than he's been, although the Giants' impotent offense takes a little of the luster off the Indians' pitching in the series.

What's clear now, however, is that the Indians need to make one or two roster moves to bolster their offense. They cannot compete with a lineup this inept. Granted, the return of Travis Hafner to the lineup once the interleague games are done after this week, will help. But the loss the Shin-Soo Choo for perhaps as much as two months, and the continued cluelessness of Grady Sizemore makes it mandatory for Indians officials to do something - anything - to bolster the offense.

Whether it's a trade or some callups from Columbus, changes have to be made. Although Lonnie Chisenhall hasn't exactly looked like George Brett at Columbus this season, he IS currently on a hot streak. In his last five games Chisenhall has batted .429 (9-for 21) with 2 home runs and 14 RBI. Maybe it's time to look at him. Maybe it's time to look at Jason Kipnis, or outfielder Chad Huffman. I get the sense that there is mounting support within the organization for the return of Luis Valbuena, who IS having a nice year at Columbus (.318, 10 homers, 49 RBI).

I originally thought the Indians couldn't consider calling up some prospects because they were trying to stay in the race in the Central Division. But now, after watching Indians hitters strikeout 16 times on Sunday - 12 of their last 16 outs came on strikeouts - I believe they may have to call up some prospects IN ORDER to stay in the race.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see, Indians 1st baseman is on DL.230's hitter playing 1st,230s hitter catching. HAfner on the bench.Whats wrong w/this picture? Let me go waaaaaaay out on a limb here ...... Hafner at 1st base? NO....that would be too extreme of a move.Wonder if Acta's head is where the sun don"t shine?????

June 27, 2011 at 2:28 AM 

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