Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trade vigil

If the first half of the season told us anything about the Indians it's that they don't have enough hitting. It's important that they improve their hitting because they appear to have enough pitching to win their division, and they have the type of starting rotation, and bullpen, that would make them very formidable in a short post-season series.

The hard part is getting there. To get there it would help if the Indians could add another bat to the lineup. With Shin-Soo Choo out until September following surgery on a broken thumb, with Grady Sizemore not playing anywhere close to his pre-microfracture surgery level, and with Carlos Santana hitting int he low 200s, the Indians are in desperate need of an offensive boost to their lineup.

General Manager Chris Antonetti has said ownership has given him the green light to explore external options to improve the team. That means a trade, and the Indians, if they are serious about winning the division, need to make one.

They need to add another hitter, preferably a right-handed hitting outfielder, who can be a consistent offensive contributor. If the Indians don't add a hitter, and don't win their division, fans would have every right in the world to question the committment to winning by the front office. When you have a chance to win a division, you go for it. With 2 1/2 monhts left in the season, the Indians have that chance. They need to go for it.


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