Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's next?

Is there anyone left on the Indians' roster that another team would want? Talk about an "everything must go!'' sale. The Indians have just about stripped their roster clean of all tradeable veterans. In the last six weeks the Indians have traded Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez, Mark DeRosa, Rafael Betancourt, Ryan Garko, Ben Francisco, and Carl Pavano. That's almost one-third of their opening day roster. That's almost unprecedented.

It wasn't just one white flag trade. It was a flurry of them. The Indians would undoubtedly love to make a couple more such trades, but don't look for General Manager Mark Shaprio to be getting any calls asking about the availability of Travis Hafner and Kerry Wood. Shapiro would love to trade both of them, given that the Indians are still on the hook for about $50 million to those two players through 2012. Wood has one year left at $11 million. The rest of that $50 million will go to Hafner, who is signed through the 2012 season.

Clearly the Indians would love to trade one or both of those players, but it's very unlikely that will happen. Thus, the Indians will go into next season with two players in their mid-30s coming off bad years making huge money. Those two contracts have become albatrosses for the payroll-cutting Tribe. The best Indians officials can hope for is Wood getting off to a great start next season, perhaps setting the table for a potential mid-season trade, since by that time the remainder of Wood's salary would be about $5 million, which a contender, desperate for a closer, might be winning to take.

Hafner? It's unlikely he would ever be able to hit to the level that would make what's left of his contract attractive to another team.


Blogger Ken said...

Hafner's just trying to play long enough to be attractive to the WWE when his contract is up.

August 17, 2009 at 3:39 PM 

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