Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wedge Watch

With the Indians having now settled into the business of finishing this disappointing season, with the Browns underway, and with the Cavaliers never very far from being in the spotlight, the furor over the future of Eric Wedge as manager of the Indians has died down somewhat.

But it is still an issue, one that won't be resolved, one way or the other, until after the season. Only General Manager Mark Shapiro and club president Paul Dolan know which was the organization is leaning on that crucial decision. But, given the magnitude of the underachieving by the team this year, it's difficult to imagine that the club will go into the 2010 season without making some changes. The only question seems to be how sweeping those changes will be.

Will Wedge be fired? Will Wedge stay, but his coaching staff fired? Selected coaches fired? Or will it be a back up the truck wholesale housecleaning, with Wedge and all his coaches being shown the door and the Indians starting next season with a completely new field staff?

The spectrum of potential change ranges from no changes at all to changing everyone. Suffice to say that the most interesting upcoming date for the Indians future will be Monday, Oct. 5. That's the day after the last game of the season. And that will likely be the day when the changes, if any, changes are made.


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